The Significance Of Radha Ashtami And How It Is Celebrated

Radha Ashtami is a joyous occasion for the devotees of God Radha Krishna. The festival marks the birth of Shri Radhika and is celebrated with a lot of zest and enthusiasm especially in Barsana, a village near Vrindavan where Radha ji was born and brought up. The festival celebrates the eternal bond and love of RadhaKrishna. It is believed that one who revers Shri Radha ji comes closer to Lord Krishna. Any puja or prayer for Lord Krishna is incomplete without praying to Goddess Radha. Several devotees fast on this occasion to please the Goddess and the lord and worship them for the entire day.

Little girls who dressed up wearing Radha costume are revered, their feet are washed and they are given Prasad time to time. People see these little girls in form of Goddess Radhika on the occasion of Janmashtami and Radha Ashtami. Devotees also embellish the Radha Krishna statue with beautiful and endearing Radha Krishna dress and accessories.

Significance of Radha Ashtami

Radha Ji is a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and the consort of Lord Krishna. Though RadhaKrishna never got married, they are inseparables and one in every sense. Radha ji’s name always comes before Krishna as she was very dear to him. As per the Hindu mythology, Radha Rani is considered to be the spiritual force of Lord Krishna. Whoever worships her along with Shri Krishna gains prosperity and happiness.

How to celebrate Radha Ashtami

Radha Ashtami is celebrated all over the nation by Krishna devotees but mainly in Barsana and Vrindavan. Devotees get up early in the morning to worship Shri Radhika and some even observe fast without food and water. Many women and girls wear Radha dress and enact like Radha on this day. The idol of Radha is bathed with Panchamrit and is adorned with beautiful poshak, shringar and other beautifications. The Singhasan where the idol is placed is also decorated flowers and other decorative material. A lot of celebrations take place during the day to venerate the Goddess and delicious bhog is offered and served to her. Later the bhog is served as Prasad to the family members as a sign of blessings of the Goddess. The day is joyously celebrated to Please the beloved of Shri Krishna who then bestows her blessings upon all her devotees.

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